Learn to Skate at Macquarie Ice Rink

The Learn to Skate Program has been designed for skaters from 4 years of age and all ability levels. Our program and classes encourage students to progress at their own pace. 

Classes are conducted during school term in group lessons under the guidance of Macquarie Ice Rink's accredited coaches. 

The Learn to Skate curriculum covers the basic skills of ice skating including: balance and gliding safely; forwards and backwards stroking; crossovers and turning. 

We offer classes in all of the skating disciplines including Free Skate, Ice Dance, Synchronized Skating, Theatre on Ice, Speed Skating and Ice Hockey


Adults Youth Tiny Tots
Ages 14+ Ages 7-14 Ages 4-6

For class times, refer to the timetable below. Once students are proficent in the skills required of a particular level, the coach will invite you to proceed to the next skating level. 

Please ensure you check our website for any last minute changes to the timetable


5 week term  $140

4 week term  $120

trial lesson  $35

The Program includes: 

  • Weekly admission to lessons 
  • Skate hire
  • One ½ hour lesson at the same time each week 
  • 1 extra hour practice (free) during the second hour of any public session
  • if using your free practice during the Sunday Mega session, your entry time will be noted on the card and your card left with the cashier for your collection after you have finished skating.  When you collect your card the time will be checked.  There will be an allowance of 10 minutes before and after the hour skate time after which a second practice will be marked off your card.

Learn To Skate School 2018 Dates

Term 1A:    29th January to 4th March  (No classes on Thurs 29/3,  Sat 31/3)
Term 1B:    5th March to 15th April        ( No class Mon 2/4)

Term 2A:    30th April to 3rd June
Term 2B:    4th June to 8th July

Term 3A:    23rd July to 26th August
Term 3B:    27th August to 30th September

Term 4A:    15th October to 18th November
Term 4B:    19th November to 16th December  (4 week term)

Timetable  for 2018 TERM 1b

Below is the updated class timetable for 2018 which is subject to change.

 Class times may be changed or cancelled and class patches changed.   

Class times may be changed or cancelled and class patches changed.



Bookings & Registration

Term 1B new on line registrations are now open.  

To enrol or re-register please call 9888 1100 or come in and see us.

Enquiries can be made by contacting us here.

Additional Information

Macquarie Ice Rink reserves the right to combine or cancel classes at its discretion depending on enrolment numbers.

Lost or misplaced cards will incur a $10 fee.  Keep your receipt and the fee will be returned to you when you find your card and bring it in to be marked off. 

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