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Skate Hire

Is skate hire included in ticket price?

All general admission prices are not inclusive of the skate hire fee unless stated.

How much is skate hire?

Skate hire is $5 per person.

Can I bring my own skates?


How do I know what skate size I am?

There is a measuring board at the skate hire area for your convenience.

Do I need to bring socks, or do you provide them?

Yes each skater needs to bring their own socks.


What if I require medical assistance during my visit at Macquarie Ice Rink?

MyHealth Medical Center is located on Level 4 at the centre for any urgent medical needs

Is there a first aid officer at Macquarie Ice Rink?

Yes there is a first aid officer at the rink at all times. For assistance, please notify a Macquarie Ice Rink staff member.

Is there disabled access to Macquarie Ice Rink?

Yes, there is a lift available for wheelchair access.


Is there an age limit for skating at Macquarie Ice Rink?

Any person aged 3+ years can skate at Macquarie Ice Rink. It is advised that younger children be accompanied by an adult on the ice.

Are wheel chairs allowed on the ice?

We do permit wheelchairs on the ice during certain quiet or designated sessions, subject to prior approval by management. Please email or

Can we use hockey sticks during public sessions?

We do not permit hockey sticks or pucks during public sessions. There are designated Ice Hockey sessions, please contact the appropriate clubs for further details.

Can I buy a season pass?

Yes, please refer to the pricing page for more information.

Is the rink available for hire?

Yes, the rink is available for corporate and industry events. Head to our Events Page for more information or contact our Events Team for bookings.

What should I wear to skate?

We recommend wearing warm and comfortable clothes.

Is there a lost property service at the rink?

Yes. Please see the cashier to collect or drop off lost property.


Are there lockers on site?

We have a limited number of lockers available for hire. See cashier on arrival to book.

What payment options are available for general admission, lessons and parties?

We have EFTPOS facilities at the cashier or accept cash payments.

Is there food and drinks available for purchase at the rink?

The Macquarie Ice Rink Canteen is available to purchase a small range of food and refreshments at limited times.

Are you able to bring in your own food and drinks from outside the rink?

No outside food or drink is permitted inside the rink.

Party Bookings

Ice skating parties at Macquarie Ice Rink are a fun and unforgettable way to celebrate childrens’ birthdays. Birthday parties are held on weekends and are recommended for children aged 6 -12 years.

How many guests can I have at a Macquarie Ice Rink party?

A minimum of 10 people are required for a party at the rink.  If the host is 9 years of age and above, a maximum of 25 kids is permitted.

What is the cost of a party package at Macquarie Ice Rink?

The cost is $30 per child. We require a $50 deposit to confirm your booking.

What is included in the party package?

The party package includes rink entry, skate hire, a mini lesson, room hire plus food and drink. For more detailed information visit the party page.

Does Macquarie Ice Rink provide a birthday cake for parties?

No, the host will need to supply a cake and transport it to the rink.

Do you have invitations I can send to guests with details of the party?

Yes we do. To download your Macquarie Ice Rink birthday party invitation, visit the party page.

Private Lessons

How long does each lesson last?

This will vary depending on the coach that has been assigned to you.

How do I book private lessons?

Submit your private lesson booking enquiry here.

What skating experience do I need to do private lessons?

No prior experience is required to begin private lessons

How many skaters can be booked into a private lesson at one time?

This would be the discretion of the selected coach. For private lesson enquiries, head here.

School Sport Bookings

Macquarie Ice Rink loves hosting school groups from all over Sydney as part of regular term and special event sports programs. We provide change rooms for students, skate hire, and coaching for groups when available. For details and availability, submit your enquiry here.

Other Questions

What days of the year are you closed?

We are open all year round except Christmas Day.

Is there an entry fee for spectators at Macquarie Ice Rink?

Rink entry is free for spectators accompanied by paid skaters.

For any further questions or enquiries please contact the rink on 02 9888 1100, or by submitting your question here.

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